Personalized Baby Handprint-A Good Way To Save Memories About Your Baby

July 1, 2020

A Good Way To Save Memories About Your Baby

When a baby was born, he became the hero of the family, and everything turned around him. Therefore, every time the baby grows up, parents and parents are moved. In a blink of an eye, the baby will change from crying in his arms to running; he can’t speak and then suddenly he will call mom and dad; at beginning, he will always peeing his pants, and after a few years, he will go to the bathroom by himself. Moms and dads often feel caught off guard by such rapid growth, hoping to have something to help them reserve the cherishable memories. Then let’s take a look at the unique baby souvenirs.

Among all of the souvenirs from your baby, the baby hair is the only thing that can be used as a commemoration by the baby himself, and this happens only once, because in fact the baby’s baby hair starts to fall off slowly in about 3 months, and the hair that grows after that is no longer the baby hair and similar to adult’s hair. Therefore, baby hair is very precious. It is advisable for the baby to have his first haircut between the full moon and a hundred days.

In Taiwan, China, the custom of making a baby’s full moon pen is well preserved. Parents will meet the baby when the full moon is over, and ask the barber to choose a good day to manage the fetal hair, and make a baby brush and a baby hair stamp.

The baby’s hands are not stretched out at the full moon, so the handprint will not be good. When the baby reaches 100 days, the baby’s hand is slowly stretched out, which is the most suitable time for making hand and foot prints.

Baby hair brushes and stamps, and hand and foot prints are known as the lucky three treasures of babies in China. They are the best blessings and first gifts for parents to the newborns, accompanied with the hope that their children can walk more, read more, and be safe and happy.

What I want to recommend to all the readers today is this customized baby hand and foot print necklace. With the baby hand prints and foot prints you provide, the merchant will carry out precise polishing, and each product can have a 95% restoration. The back of the necklace can also be customized with words, sending your best wishes to the baby through this necklace. Regardless of the baby’s handprints, footprints, or the love message of mom and dad, all the memories with the most glittering and original appearance should be remembered.

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