Personal loan

July 17, 2019

As a Personal Loan Dyutir does not require any security or collateral.

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Personal Loan is an unsecured loan that is generally used for a personal purpose. This type of loan could be used for paying off debts, going on vacations, buying appliances and latest gadgets, home improvement, unexpected medical expenses, and so forth. The banks calculate the eligibility of the borrower before approving the loan application. A personal loan is offered based on the credibility and repaying capacity of the borrower. The funds from a Personal Loan could be used for any type of expense as per the convenience and requirement of the borrower.

Different Types of Personal Loan
There are different types of Personal Loans based on need – for example:
1. Festival Loans: Loans offered during festival season at discounted interest rates for a shorter period of time.
2. Consumer Durable Loans: Small loans offered to purchase durable consumer products including televisions, ACs, etc.
3. Marriage Loan: Loan offered for marriage expenses
4. Vacation Loan: Loan taken for travel (Domestic and International)
5. Home Renovation Loan: for renovating/ upgrading your home

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