Peridot Rings – A Style Statement With Prominence

June 12, 2019

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Peridot is known as a stone of tenacity and utterance. It got its name after a French word Peritot, which means gold. Peridot specifically is considered to be the birthstone for August born. However, with a special light green tone and amazing clearness, peridot rings are in a trend of becoming more and more admired as a substitute to darker emeralds. The history of this gemstone is way too old. It is globally accepted that this stone was mined as early as 1500 BC. It is given the “national gem” title in Egypt as Egyptians are known to be religious and they used to believe that this is a gem of the sun. The United State is the prime supplier of this stone nowadays.

This beautiful bright gem is becoming a perfect option for couples who want to invest in gemstone engagement rings other than diamond. its alliance with highly spiritual cultures, such as Egypt and Greek makes it a religious properties holder. Wearing peridot is believed to acquire success, health, and peace of mind; furthermore, good luck and safety are said to be brought by this gem to the wearer. Therefore, all these qualities make it well-compatible for an .

The gem goes very well with any design of a ring; however, it is particularly suitable for vintage, art deco, and antique styles as these are well known for their vibrant use of color. Peridot rings can be an amazingly attractive alternative to any other darker green colored stone and have both qualities – captivating and significant. The quality that matters the most is the smile it can bring on the faces of your loved ones. Be it, men or women, these rings make a distinct and stylish statement about whoever wears it, hence turn out to be a perfect gift for a special occasion.

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