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November 26, 2020

PayG is a customized, fully integrated, Omnichannel payment solutions provider will help your business to grow by collecting payments from customers easily and securely through any device in any mode. PayG can also provide the following services within the payment suite, probably no other best payment gateway in India can offer you all these in a bundled solution:

  • Customized Payment gateway (scalable vertically & horizontally)
  • Virtual POS & Future POS
  • UPI 2.0 & Auto Collect
  • Recurring payments at MID / Merchant level
  • Dynamic QR Code based payments
  • Inbuilt close loop wallet at no extra cost
  • Our customizable and easy to create Pay buttons
  • Auto collect & Payouts ( via virtual banks accounts)
  • Zero set-up fees, No maintenance charges, No hidden charges
  • Minimize chargeback ratio
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