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January 22, 2021

You have no choice whether or not to have Parkinson’s but surrounding that are a million other choices you can make. You can make a choice of living with the disorder you have, you can make a choice of smiling through the pain, you can make a choice of looking beyond the imperfections, and you can make a choice of accepting what you have because you had to have it that way. And, all of that can be done easier if you get in touch with Dr. Shivam Om Mittal.

Dr. Mittal’s clinic is one place where you can get the best Parkinson’s disease treatment in UAE. It may not be a complete elimination of your disorder, because there is no solid treatment to Parkinson’s, but you can learn to control and manage your condition better.

Depending upon your condition, you’ll be given medications and therapies, which will help control whatever symptoms you have – slow movements, shaking, or stiffness. You will slowly be able to get back to your regular movements and control over your body. If medications and therapies do not work for you, Dr. Mittal has yet another option to help you with a successful Parkinson’s disease treatment in UAE. What we speak about here is Botox injections that will be required to be taken every few months, or a Deep Brain Stimulation surgery that will need to be boosted annually; both helping you live an active lifestyle, which otherwise is not possible for Parkinson’s disease patients.

So, if you are suffering from Parkinson’s, and don’t want your disorder to take control over your lifestyle, book an appointment right away with Dr. Shivam Mittal, and improve your quality of life!



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