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October 12, 2020

I have been painting for 10 years now and still energetic about my job as ever. Licensed house and commercial painter who takes great pride in his work and loves to see the end product that the client wanted. Every member of Paint and Roll Services are highly skilled tradesmen and have a great knowledge of products we can use for you. We guarantee to always start work on the date specified and time. We are a team you can trust who have high regard for all our client’s property and belongings.

We at Paint and Roll Services provide a service in the commercial painting that is a high standard. We have over 10 years of experience we are here to help work with your needs. This could be your office’s, retail shop, warehouse, or commercial building. We guarantee to give it the wow factor. It’s important for you as a business owner to give your customers a clean, modern look for your business. First impressions are so important for your business and we will give you great peace of mind when we work on such projects. This could be out of hours work on your business, minimize the interruptions on your business.

We only use the best quality paints and materials for our projects, professional, friendly, on time, and use superior painting skills to get your job done that gives your building a beautiful, long-lasting look.

Services we provide:

• Professional Painting and preparation

• Wash down of the building

• Anti-graffiti coats

• Spray painting

• Line marking

• Renovations

• Special finishes and texture coatings

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