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February 4, 2020

Okayyy, Im not marrying Halifax backpage guy him or anyone tomorrow and I dont feel hes on that plan either. I think I would give it 6-12 months to start considering that. But no longer than that. At that point if we dont know there are issues. So far everything has felt right and no I dont think hes perfect. Ive seen plenty of imperfections already but no deal breakers. And yes, an abussive man would be a deal breaker. But it is pretty crazy to think that because the backpage guy wants a relationship soon that means hes an abussive man and that I should run. Thats pretty extreme I think. He hasnt given me a reason to not trust him so why should I doubt him from the get go without a reason?? As for him feeling lonely? I dont know, maybe. He has a lot of Regina friends but is not the same. I want someone to go to every

Night and to be there for me when Im having a bad day. And Well, if we are all happy being alone, why even consider a relationship with someone else?? Nobody wants to be alone! Im wondering if the people commenting on this blog are in serious relationships at the moment.

I think that you overlooked the “big picture” of what I was trying to say….nothing in life is free! Too much too soon is a red flag. I am not suggesting that your guy is abusive – I just wanted to let you know what I missed due to my insecurity at the time. Just sharing. The phrase “crash and burn” exists for a reason. Ah well – hope it works out for you!

I’ll also take it – this was a guy who I dated several years ago. And yes, I did move on to a more serious relationship afterwards…in a normal time frame with a guy who didn’t expect everything in 5 minutes. I wish you well.

Im wondering if the Ontario people commenting on this blog are in serious relationships at the moment..

This is a bad attempt at trying to discredit people just because we’re not agreeing with you or telling you what you want to hear. It’s a lame shaming technique because you can’t think of anything else to use to combat our sound and rational feedback.

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