Office 365 FedRAMP Cloud Services In The Process Of Attaining FedRAMP Authorization

October 24, 2020

Multiple cloud-based services are available in the market when it comes to using Office 365 under the FedRAMP regulations. These services also help your organization to become more tech-savvy and be ready for attaining the desired FedRAMP authorization.

Such services are as follows:

Security and compliance audits

There are many certified programs and modules under DoD and FedRAMP to attain. For instance, CMMC, ITAR, DFARS, NSIT 800-171, and others. And to achieve them one by one, your company must be ready in terms of paperwork and timely audits.

These engagements in the audit and assessment process can include:

  • Account or system audit
  • Development of business policies and reviewing the same
  • Business impact and its risk analysis
  • Interview of employees to know their progress and work profile
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Penetration tests

These are some of the everyday auditing tasks that take place before your beloved and bespoke organization is ready to apply for FedRAMP authorization. Through these tests, analysis, reviews, and auditing tasks, the government gets a hint about the way you operate the business.

In layman’s terms, it’s justified to say that timely and correct auditing helps your firm to build a profile and be in the good books of the government. This is something you must never miss if you want to become an agency or contractor for the upcoming government projects.

Be technically secure firm

The cloud-based services also include compliance implementation and remediation tasks. These services make your company self-reliant. They also educate you enough to know what are the latest demands put up by the FedRAMP authorities.

These significant tasks can include:

  • Updating company policies and standards.
  • Training your employees to update internal paperwork without missing the deadline.
  • Spreading awareness about the FedRAMP regulations for quick authorization.
  • Installation of cloud-based software, tools, and other features onto your systems.
  • Planning every step and strategy to make your organization ready for every kind of latest paperwork.
  • Knowing which kind of projects your firm can handle and how to begin applying for the same digitally.

Get the right IT solutions compatible with Office 365 for your firm

Solutions like password protection, firewalls, military-grade data encryption technologies, secure login, next-gen antivirus protection, and VPNs are necessary. While you are regularly meant to use Office 365, it’s essential that you get the right IT solutions to make your company compliant enough to deal with the classified government data as their agencies or contractors.

Other IT solutions can also include:

  • Enterprise Infrastructure and Security
  • Endpoint Device Software Security
  • Enterprise Email Configuration
  • 24/7 help desk
  • Regular or monthly visits by technicians to your office


For all the IT and compliance work solutions under the bandwidth of cloud-based services to make your company ready for the FedRAMP authorization, seek professionals. For instance, you can check IT and Office 365 ready services offered by in line with the FedRAMP approval to apply for. To know more about Office 365 FedRAMP, visit our site

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