February 3, 2020


Melt signed a partnership deal with one of the biggest brands Sephora which is known worldwide. The brand gets to sell some of Melts products in their brands.

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Melt Cosmetics has great value for our facial look and for this reason, they launched their highlights and blush products.

Melt Cosmetics


Have your makeup popping by using the right facial masks. Melt Cosmetics Highlights can actually turn your makeup to a stunner. Here are a couple of their makeup products.

Gold Ore

Find a matching blush for your complexion and make your makeup appear natural with Blush Melt Cosmetics. They have blushes for all skin types and tones and will definitely leave you sparkling. Here are some blushes for the Face collection:

Ghost Light

Shadow play

One of the first things people notice with any makeup is the eyes. Melt Cosmetics has just those charming products to keep your eyes popping. Under this collection, there is: Eye Shadows & Pigments, Liquid Eye Liners and Eye Pencils.

Melt Cosmetics eye shadow & pigment

Eye Shadows & Pigments

Eye shadows & pigments have this way of making one’s makeup pop out real good. Using the best colors that match your skin tone will add that class, it is all about being bold. Some of the eye shadows & pigment include:

Get creative with Melt Cosmetics eye pencils. They come in different shades and they make the eye glitter when blended properly. The eye pencils include:


Have long-lasting striking eyes by going for liquid eyeliners. The eyeliners come in different colors and they add this fierce look to every makeup when used properly. Some of the products are:

lips enhance the makeup when the rights lip shades are used. This includes; lip gloss, liquid lipsticks, lipsticks, and lip pencils.

melt cosmetics lip gloss

Add some shine to your lips by using Melt Cosmetics Lip gloss. Here are some of their lip glosses:

Melt Cosmetics liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks often stick and good to wear for the whole day. The bold shades make the lips radiantly hot and beautiful.

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