Negotiation Without the Aggression Suggestions

November 8, 2020

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Often, negotiators believe that they have to present themselves as aggressive to win a deal, create a merger, or simply prove their worth. However, research has shown that aggression is actually more likely to lead to a failed negotiation and rarely works. That’s why there are people who specialize in negotiations since it requires a skill that does not come naturally to many, but training can develop those skills. Here’s a look at how to successfully negotiate without being aggressive.

What is Your Negotiation Style?

Would you distinguish your negotiation technique as cooperative, competitive, or compromising, or would you consider yourself forthright like former US president Ronald Reagan, who was known for making threats and fulfilling them? During any skilled negotiation training, you’re apt to find out your negotiating mode when setting objectives, which will reveal your negotiating temperament. Do not feel bad if you had trouble deciphering what type of negotiating skills you possess, as many people do not know, hence the training requirement.

The Importance of Training

Developing one’s negotiation skills allows you to become a powerful dealmaker and authority figure. Negotiation strategies and techniques follow the three basic skills mentioned above: competitiveness, compromise and collaboration. Those are three styles known to work for skilled negotiators during any type of negotiation. In a good training class, coaches emphasise negotiation with those three methods. 

A training class teaches you to listen intently, cooperate to build integrity, strive for the largest deal possible, and compromise when required. In other words, a negotiating style should not be labeled as it comprises multiple techniques. Every professional negotiator has undergone training, even if they have a natural skill set. They train because it’s important to hone their skills and take it to the highest level possible. Every major corporation hires only negotiators who receive top-level training, or they offer training for people who may already have specific abilities that their company requires. Companies know that negotiations are a big deal for their success, and you should position yourself to be considered an asset when it comes time for the company to negotiate.

How to Successfully Negotiate


The first requirement for a successful negotiation is preparation Research shows that unprepared negotiators make unnecessary settlements, miss valuable sources, and leave profitable agreements. Therefore, thorough research and creating a checklist are imperative to successful negotiations. Being proactive means not being caught off guard at the negotiating table by being prepared. Do all the necessary research related to the type and level of bargaining that will be taking place. During your research, you can apply the methods you have come up with to cases in the past and see how it would make sense or not. Keep in mind that you can make mistakes so that if or when it happens, you won’t clam up. Always have a backup plan because being overly confident can blow up in your face.



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