Name of Allah For Noor on Face

October 15, 2020

Sometimes in life, we do not feel happy & energetic. You do not know the exact reason behind it. But you just feel to escape from the things. This also takes away the shiny & bright glow from your face. Which is absolutely not a good thing. So, taking the Name of Allah For Noor on Face can help you out.

All of us wish to look refreshing & happy all day. You want that your happiness should glow on your face. It makes you look confident & beautiful. And there is nothing wrong in it. Wanting to have a noor on a beautiful face is natural. Everyone wishes to look beautiful and attractive. And there is nothing wrong in this feeling.

Name of Allah For Noor on Face

And guess what, you can bring back the noor on your face by practicing the Name of Allah For Noor on Face. Islamic dua or wazifa are really powerful to resolve any of your problems. You just need to have trust in Allah Tallah. With this, your intentions should be pure & genuine. If you believe in Allah & your intentions are good, then no one can stop you from getting what you want.

Thereafter, all you need to do is recite the Name of Allah For Noor on Face religiously & consistently.

So, how to perform Name of Allah For Noor on Face

  • To begin with, you should start with reading namaaz like everyday.
  • Thereafter, you should perform wudu.
  • Once done, recite Surah Adad 24 and Surah noor.
  • You are also required to recite Ayat Adad 35 for bringing back face noor.
  • After that, you should rub your both hands. And put them slowly on your face.
  • Memorize & admire Allah Tallah. And pray him to bring back your face noor.
  • Practice this exercise regularly for a month.

Besides this, maintain a healthy diet. As you are what you eat. After reading this, if you have any questions to ask, then feel free to talk to our Molvi ji. He will come up with good solutions to your questions.

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