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multi-functional machine stone polishing machines

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Polishers can also be called grinders and can be used for mechanical running, polishing and waxing. The stone polishing machine is usually a multi-functional machine equipment that can quickly complete the slag treatment, leveling, grinding, and polishing with stone floors, floors, as well as floors.
The stone polishing machine is often a multifunctional machine equipment which could quickly complete the slag treatment, leveling, grinding and polishing regarding stone floors, floors, as well as floors. Mechanical characteristics:
ONE PARTICULAR. There are classic predetermined high and low rates (no frequency conversion, great torque for rough mincing and fine grinding, and stable grinding force).
2. Two large and small grinding discs which can be flexibly replaced, with sufficient weight (sufficient pressure with the grinding disc), suitable for any needs of different construction processes for instance stone and floor.
3 OR MORE. The front handle might be detached and operated flexibly. It really is suitable for grinding and polishing within the edge of the foot along with a large area. The grinding disc can touch the edge of the foot to get grinding and polishing.
FOUR. Suitable for all kinds of natural and artificial gemstone floors; epoxy floors, cement floors; epoxy terrazzo, epoxy emery flooring, leveling, polishing, slag treatment, cleaning and other building process requirements.
5. The particular grinding disc is flexible and common. It provides you with two grinding discs regarding different sizes (requirements regarding different construction techniques). The grinding discs is often adapted to various sticky, snap-in around, horseshoe-shaped grinding blocks, running discs, and automatic putting your unit together line integral grinding back ( 4 inch \ EIGHT inch 10 inch), bowl mouth diamond grinding wheel along with abrasive disc abrasives.
6. The front electric lifting device causes it to become the most user-friendly to help dismantle and replace the grinding disc, and together, it can meet the pressure requirements belonging to the grinding disc when adjusting (changing) different construction procedures.
7. The horizontal grinding adjustment device from the rear vertical force device ensures the horizontal grinding with the machine and the horizontal loss in the grinding block. 2021ld

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