Moving to Spain – what can surprise us?

May 16, 2019

Moving to Spain is something completely new on the international moving market. More and more people are looking for companies to move to Spain. How does Spain attract more and more people to move in this direction?

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Moving to Spain happens, but not as often as to Germany or the UK. In 2014 alone, around one million people emigrated to these two countries to earn a living, while around 90,000 people emigrated to Spain. In terms of economic development, Spaniards are far from being British or German, but Spain is still the fifth or sixth country to which our countrymen go. So what attracts us to Spain?

A completely different mentality

Calm, relax, carefree and light-hearted approach to duty? Yes, these are the typical Spanish qualities. It is a different job here than in Poland, where a lot of emphasis is placed on earning money, exemplary performance of duties and taking care of the aesthetics of work. In Spain it is not so important, but at first contact it can be very striking. In addition, Spaniards do not like to talk about problems, and prefer light, non-binding and, most importantly, irrelevant conversations. Many of us would be irritated, but many of our compatriots feel good about it and are fed up with the typical Polish drill. Therefore, the southern direction in Spain is very desirable.

Spain tourist paradise and warm climate

What speaks for Spain is its climate and tourist attraction. First of all, in terms of leisure and recreation is put on an equal footing with Greece or Italy. However, because of the smaller number of monuments of great historical importance, it clearly gives way to the two countries mentioned above. Moving to Spain will surprise us with a hot and dry climate, especially in summer, when the temperature very often reaches 40 degrees Celsius. We will appreciate at this time the custom of siesta, which in Poland would be totally inappropriate.

Also striking is the approach that we will come across in restaurants or shops. In this relationship you are not the customer, but the seller and we have to make sure that we are treated well. Besides, it is worth mentioning that the Spaniards are friendly and very open people.

The answer to the interest in moving to Spain is a growing number of companies that deal with their organization.

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