Most Popular Paint Shades and Where to Use Them

November 12, 2020

Whenever you will open and read a blog related to house painting, you will notice that most of them are related to the painting colors you should select for the house. The primary reason for that is the lack of understanding a common man develops for paint colors. When it comes to selecting colors, you will either go with the flow choosing ordinary colors or you will rely on the choices of your painter. To get away with this, you need to keep a track of trending color choices for the year, and to help you with that, we are here! Read on to know the most popular color patterns of the year and the ideal areas for them.


  • Blue for Bathrooms


We all know that the only area in the house that offers the freshness to kick start the day in the bathroom. And that is why blue should be the reserved color for bathrooms. Blue is the symbol of new beginnings and fresh ideas, and what better place can be for that other than bathrooms? You can paint the bathroom walls blue or you can hire Professional Painters that can design wallpaper with a blue background. Also, blue color reflects the sunlight better so you can expect soothing sun rays in your bathroom when you have a blued bathroom.


  • Peaceful Purples for Bedroom


As bathrooms have the purpose of starting afresh your day, bedrooms have the burden of ending your day well. Paint color for bedroom should be such that you enter the bedroom and forget all the hustles of the day. Purple is one of the most preferred paint colors for bedrooms by expert

Painters in Auckland. Purple is not just a color, purple is the sign of serenity. When you install a complementing lighting scheme in a purple painted bedroom, you can expect nothing but utter peace of mind and comfort. Make sure you ask your painter to give you a test result of purple walls before selecting the color for the bedroom.


  • Limy Yellow for Living Rooms


When it comes to welcoming the guests from enjoying a football finale in the living room, you need to make sure that the room matches your excitement level. The living room is the area where you gather with your family and friends for entertainment and chitchat. A shade of light yellow color with the theme of lime background may sound peppy to many people but it is one of the trendsetting colors this year. Moreover, the lush yellow shades of lime yellow walls glorify when they are lighted up with the help of LED light systems. 

If you are a fan of trendsetters and you want something relevant in the department of paint colors, then make sure you follow these suggestions.       

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