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Monetize Your Blog With Google Adsense

February 20, 2018

Ways to monetize your blog.

What is the #1 way people make money with their blogs?

Google Adsense, indeed!
Why Google Adsense?
Its because Google Adsense is very easy to setup into your blog. It only takes minutes to setup your Google Adsense into your blog.

How Google Adsense work?
Each time somebody visits your blog and clicks on your ad, you get paid! This type of method is called pay-per-click. Google Adsense is very common in blogs and websites. Blogs and websites that has “Ads by Google” advertisements in it generate income from Google Adsense.

The interesting thing about monetizing your blog with Google AdSense is that it serves relevant text and banner ads which target relevant ads from your blog content. This way, people you have interest to your blog have a big possibility that they will be interested on the ads serve by Google Adsense and click them. This way you generate greater income.

Note: Dont click on your own Google Adsense ads. Chances are either your Google Adsense account will get suspended or your Google Adsense account will get suspended. Actually, you dont have any choice. So don’t you ever click on your own Google Adsense ads.
Good luck and have fun to monetize your blog with Adsense!

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