Misconceptions When Purchasing Diamond Rings

June 25, 2019

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Busting myths about Diamond Rings

Oh, the precious seven letter word – D I A M O N D. To some – a collective stone, to the rest – a memory. Diamonds are known for their associations with rarity, purity, history, emotions, memories, and love. The diamonds used by us are easily more than 100 million years old and that’s overwhelming to hear. Also, each diamond has a uniquely peculiar shape and structure to it that cannot be duplicated, no matter what – just like one’s personality. And this sole reason is why diamonds are expensive and make the perfect gift.There are a lot of misconceptions that occur when people shop for diamond rings. As we call out on all of them, make sure that you’re aware of these when you head out to shop:

1. Rings vary according to the occasion: Why are you buying the ring? Is it for your engagement? Is it to surprise your mother? Or is it a gesture for someone you value? Each diamond ring has a different message.

2. Its normal to purchase rings online: People believe that they’re bound to be deceived when they buy diamond rings online but those days are far behind. Online shops provide so much more varieties for you to choose from.

3. Don’t forget the 4 C’s: Many people turn a blind eye to the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, color, and carat size) when shopping for the perfect diamond ring.

Once you get rid of some stigmatic mindsets, you’ll be all set to shop for the perfect ring. Not to forget, at Ivar Jewellery, you can buy diamond rings online and the process will simply be a cakewalk.

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