Metal Fabrication Market Analysis and Industry Outlook 2026

May 15, 2020

Metal fabrication refers to the procedure of making structures and machines from various raw metal materials. This procedure comprises assembly, forming, machining, welding, burning, and cutting to produce a finished product. Metal fabrication is basically a value added procedure that involves making of structures, parts, and machines. In present times, the industry is highly cyclical and dynamic with its expansion depending on various end use sectors. The end use segments for the global metal fabrication market comprise energy, construction, aerospace, and automotive.

Changing demand of customers have made metal shops try for obtaining more profitability through diversification of customer base and make correct forecasts about the pattern of demands.

Interplex Holdings Pvt. Ltd., Standard Iron and Wire Works, BTD Manufacturing, Lancer Fabtech Pvt. Ltd., Defiance Metal Products, and O’Neal Manufacturing Service are some of the companies profiled in the global metal fabrication market.

Transparency Market Research has come up with an all-inclusive study on the global metal fabrication market, for the period 2018 to 2026. The report estimates that the global metal fabrication market is likely to grow at a rate of 3% CAGR.

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Integration of Automation to Offer Lucrative Opportunities for Growth

Various enterprise resource planning (ERP) technologies and software find increased utilization in the metal fabrication market in years to come. With the use of ERP technologies, the data becomes easily available and it speeds up the decision making process. Augmented utilization of computer-assisted technologies for manufacturing is assisting various market players to better their production capacity and operational efficiency. These technological progresses are expected to offer copious growth opportunities to the global metal fabrication market over the tenure of assessment, from 2018 to 2026.

The automobiles and aviation sectors make use of fabricated metal extensively and there is a constant rise in this trend, which is likely to trigger growth of the global metal fabrication market in years to come. However, the primary concern in relation to the fabrication equipment market is the fluctuation of price and availability of raw materials. These two factors are likely to impede growth of the global metal fabrication market in years to come.

In addition, advancement made in the field of robotics and automation tools is likely to emerge as another factor for the expansion of the global metal fabrication market in years to come. At present, automation is utilized in the process of metal fabrication, which is to improve the efficiency of the operation and reduce the overall cost of labor in years to come. Furthermore, automation tools like laser saws help fabricators to produce metal parts that need to be cut precisely, thereby underscoring the significance of automation tools in the global metal fabrication market.

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