marketing courses for massage therapists

March 3, 2021

Marketing courses for massage therapists

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Hi my name is Kurt Simpson and I’d like to ask you a question…

Have you ever frustratingly questioned why it’s so hard to make a decent living in a career where you’re making people feel better?

If you have you are not alone.

I used to feel the same way.

18 months ago when I opened the doors to our small 2 room salon inside of our gym I knew nothing about the massage industry or what kind of marketing or advertising would work to get clients in.

Fast forward to today and after trying literally every way I was told to get clients in, the only thing that worked was the unique massage Facebook ad method that I figured out which resulted in us going from 0 appointments to 250 per week in our new 8 room centre all in 18 months and including bouncing back from Covid shutdowns.

If we can book out 9 therapists in a small town and be busier than ever after the shutdowns with no experience in the industry I believe any massage business owner or solo therapist can do the same.

So if you feel like you’ve tried every “standard” massage marketing method that everyone said you should be doing… From flyer drops, to posting randomly across social media pages, to free chair massages and going to networking events that take up a lot of time but feel like nothing is working then this could be the most important page you come across this year because I want to share my methods to help you.

Because we are already booked out I’ve decided to share all of the marketing and business growth systems with other massage business owners who also want to get more clients so that they can help more people feel better, create more freedom for their family and earn more income.

I’ve broken all of the lessons down into a 7 part method I call the SEACOGS massage business growth system which I currently share with the 283 other massage therapists that are inside my massage therapist success academy.

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