Managing pop-up notifications in Avast Antivirus

January 21, 2021

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Avast is one of the famous brands in the web security industry. It offers different programming, free and paid for security. Truth be told, it is one of those premium antiviruses, which has recognized 100% malware evidence in an Android malware test conducted by AV-comparatives.

It is a viable malware insurance program that removes malicious projects and prevents them from entering our devices. There may be some capacity that may disturb customers. The problem of Avast pop-ups and Avast warnings flooding our screens is considered the most perplexing. To stop avast notifications or remove Avast ads, you need to follow some basic and simple advancements that we have talked about below.

How to stop or disable Avast Popups notifications and sound?

Appearing the equivalent pop-ups over and over or while doing something, unexpectedly seeing a pop-up message on your device screen can be disconcerting. Every time the Avast popup appears, it diverts you from whatever you are doing, you need to close the popup.

There are different types of pop-ups that Avast displays. You can disable all pop-ups or choose particular ones to remove from your frame. This means that the remnants of Avast will not disappear. Therefore, in this part of the article, we will examine how to stop Avast Popups, their warnings and their sound altogether.

The most ideal approach to stopping Avast Popups is to enable do not disturb help. It will weaken all Avast pop-ups. To begin with, we will freeze the sound and then continue to stop Avast Popups.

How to disable Avast pop-up sound notification?

  • From the application dashboard on your PC screen, right-click on the Avast symbol.
  • Currently, out of all the alternatives, choose Avast UI.
  • You must touch “Menu” and then go to “Settings”
  • Here you need to touch Notifications in the General class.
  • Uncheck the last alternative “increase Avast sound”.

How to stop Avast Popups?

  • From the application dashboard on your PC screen, right-click on the Avast symbol.
  • Currently, out of all the options, choose Avast UI.
  • Go to the “Execution” segment and select “Do not disturb mode”.
  • Here you will discover different options, check each option.
  • In case you need to get pop-ups and warnings from certain apps, uncheck in the same way.

After unchecking, you need to tap “add app”. Here you will choose the applications you need to get pop-ups and warnings from.

Currently, from the list provided, choose the apps you need to avoid clogging, that’s it.

This is the way you should remove Avast pop-ups or block Avast pop-ups, you should follow each progression with caution. Currently, if Avast Danger made sure to keep showing up, you can also handle that problem by following similar provisions referenced here. Also, follow similar steps to remove Avast warnings.

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