Malegra 120 Mg medicine online

October 13, 2020

Malegra 120 Mg


Highest dosage malegra 120 medicine is trusted for being one of the powerful  medicines. The pill is prescribed for relieving a debilitating sexual condition called Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Impotence issue in men occurs when a man repeatedly struggles for achieving an erection.

malegra 120, that contains the salt Sildenafil Citrate, should be taken without water. Just blank the sachet & take the medical preparation. The gel must dissolve in your mouth and its action starts within 15 minutes. More information will be directed by your doctor. Hence consult your doctor before consuming Malegra 120.

medicine malegra 120 composed in conventional tablet form is easy for storage. Keep the pill in cool and dry place at normal room temperature away from moisture prone area. Avoid keeping medicine near reach of direct sunlight and avoid storing it near reach of children or pets

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