Making money in a new style

May 17, 2019

Over the last few decades – through the rapid development of new technologies – our everyday life has changed dramatically and completely does not remind us of what we knew a dozen years ago.

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With the change in the way of life, the way we work and earn has also changed. What does the new way of earning money look like?

Generation Y – this is the name that can be used to describe people born after 86 years of age, but above all it is a new way of approaching work and earning money. Representatives of this generation (called the generation of iPods and flip-flops) are characterized by a very flexible and slightly demanding approach to work – completely different than their predecessors. These people grew up in the world of new technologies, which made them a natural environment for living and working. The representatives of generation Y perfectly move in the world of new technologies, see the world as a global village – where they can easily move around.

They treat work as an addition to life, not its main purpose – but they are aware of their skills and fight for high salaries and flexible working conditions. They are not faithful employees – they value the possibility of development and self-fulfillment, and if a job ceases to be attractive to them, they will change jobs without hesitation. Greeks also more and more often decide to earn their own living – freelancing – here they dictate the conditions, and work does not limit their mobility and chosen lifestyle. Moreover, thanks to the fact that they know new solutions, they often use the services of virtual offices, thanks to which they gain the capabilities of a large office, but without the need for costly maintenance. Read more about it here.

Grywalization is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular – both in the world of advertising and marketing, as well as in the approach to work. It means applying the rules used in computer games – i.e. high motivation, reward system and a kind of rivalry. The new generation of employees needs new, constantly provided stimuli that will constantly increase or maintain a high level of motivation. Here, work should not become a routine – in corporations, clear systems of evaluation of own work and performance are used, as well as the opportunity to see what position we occupy in the company and how much we lack for leadership position. Thanks to this, employees want to develop themselves, and the system of rewards and further challenges – becomes an effective motivation. Here, earning money becomes a kind of reward for winning a game, and it is simply fun.

Holy grail – passive income. Passive income is still an ideal, which is pursued by enterprising, courageous people. Although it has not been proven to this day that it is possible to achieve such a state, there is still no shortage of daredevils who strive for it. There is also no shortage of those who earn training, which presents a heavenly vision of wealth. The idea is to achieve a state in which, with zero commitment, you earn a regular income.

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