Magic of Change – NLP Training Workshops

September 30, 2020

NLP Training World is an enthusiastic initiative founded by an even more enthusiastic personality, Mohammed Rafi. It is otherwise called – MAGIC OF CHANGE – ‘Mohammed Rafi’s life transformational training’.
This platform is an association of a group of trainers who swamped together, sharing the same feeling for excellence. They walked down to the shade of the umbrella opened up by Rafi. They talk and work together for the welfare of the people when people find some sort of blocks in their journey towards happiness and excellence.
People come to us when they feel frustrated by the heaviness of life. They walk to us when they see no solution to their pricking problems in life. They see solace and find effective solutions to their worries, fears and phobias once they share the same with us.

Yes, we are solution thinkers with the help of the choices offered by the world of NLP and train people to reach our level of excellence.

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