LPG PNG Gas Leak Detector

September 9, 2020

lpg-png gas detector

The GT-4220-FLP-S type of PNG/LPG Gas Leakage Detectors are Ambetronics’ one of the latest application-based customized products, upgraded from the previous conventional type of PNG/LPG Gas detectors.
With Government’s Safety Norms getting strict day-by-day for fire hazards in kitchen areas of Hotels, Restaurants, cafeterias, Industrial & Commercial Canteens and in multi-storey residential premises; Ambetronics offer the best solutions about taking safety measures for detecting LPG/PNG/combustible gases far before they turn into major fire hazards.

These microcontroller based GT-4220-FLP-S units are available in PESO / CCOE tested flameproof enclosures and  widely used as PNG or LPG gas detectors in applications such as commercial kitchens, industrial kitchens, LPG/PNG/CNG bullet yards/storage yards, Gas Banks, etc.

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