Low Friction Deep Groove Ball Bearing84

February 24, 2021

Product Name:Low Friction Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Product Description:
Low Friction Deep Groove Ball Bearing,Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Product Website:http://www.bearingde.com/ball-bearing/deep-groove-ball-bearings/low-friction-deep-groove-ball-bearing.html
Company Description
Delta (Chongqing ) Industrial science and technology Co,Ltd
Address:ChongqingChongqingJiulongpoTorchNo.207, Building 4, Tus Park, No.69 Torch avenue, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing
Descption:Inspired by a moving tank and a scrapped belt, a legendary shoemaker in the post-world war ii Germany heavy industrial city Cologne began developing and refining the entire driveline parts and creating Simule.

Nowadays, Simule’s business has grown to include precision bearing, rubber (belt, oil seal etc.) special materials metal parts, lubricating oil and all the subdivision of transmission system , and cooperation with world famous companies for the subcontract business, their products widely used in machinery manufacturing, mining exploration, precision machine tools, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical fiber& chemical industry, automobile & motorcycle of agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, wind power and other fields, the company is committed to providing customers services with a series of transmission system and technical support.

In 2017, Simule entered China market officially with a professional bearing family for their SMWIKO brand from the OEM mode to front line. they take advantage of more than 40 years of precipitation technology and reliable products in the bearing industry in China to provide customers superior quality and convenient experience.
Registered Capital:100
Delta (Chongqing ) Industrial science and technology Co,Ltd
Company Website:http://www.bearingde.com

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