Look At The Major Series Of The Cylindrical Roller Bearing

February 19, 2021

In the bearing world, cylindrical roller bearings are the most common and popularly used bearing type. As it looks like the cylinder, it is called the cylindrical roller bearing. In this bearing, the cylinder is accessed as the rolling element instead of balls in the ball bearings. As a result, the roller comes with a higher contact area with the outer rings and then distributes the loads evenly across the broader surface.

At the same time, it has a high radial load capacity so that it becomes suitable for high speeds applications. It is accessible in various types such as single row or double row cylindrical roller bearing. Among them, the double row is used for precision machine tools as it has a high radial rigidity.

According to the series such as N, NU, NJ, NN, NF, NUP, and NCF Bearings, the cylindrical roller bearings have no ribs on either the outer or inner ring. Therefore, the rings will be able to move axially related to each other. It is also accessed as the free-end bearings. Regarding the single row bearings, you will find types designated as NJ, N, NU, and NF. On the other hand, NNU and NN are classified with the double row bearing.


This design bearing is a single-row cylindrical roller bearing. It has the two fixed ribs on the inner rings, which retain the cage and rollers on the outer ring. It permits the axial displacement in specific limits. It is accessed in the non-locating bearings units. It does not have thrust capacity.


This single row cylindrical bearing has two fixed ribs on the one smooth inner ring and outer ring. It also allows the axial displacement in a specific limit and has no virtual thrust.


NN bearings are the double row cylindrical roller bearings. It comes with three fixed ribs on the inner ring, cage, and outer ring. It has no thrust capacity virtually. NNCF Bearings is one of the best types of bearing in this series.


It comes with the potential of carrying the incident thrust loads. It features two major integral ribs on the inner ring as well as a single rib on the outer ring.

Apart from these, you will find NNU, NUP, RNU, NJ, and NNC Bearings. By joining hands with the right manufacturer, you can purchase the right bearing series and grab the unlimited benefits.

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