LCRM – Next generation CRM web application

May 5, 2018

LCRM is a web based CRM application and CRM software for small businesses. Customer Relationship Management functions can be easily handled by using this CRM web application.

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LCRM is a next generation CRM web application packed with lot of features. LCRM is mainly used for functional CRM and managing sales system. Every business has to be improved by attracting new customers and encouraging sales. Every Business go for increasing customers and clients rather than concentrating the quality delivery to the existing customers. LCRM delivers quality support to the existing customers and attracts new customers with its extraordinary features. The features like Leads, Opportunities and Invoices so on makes the application more impressive for escalating the sales growth thereby improving the sales and productivity.
Staff is a role is created by admin that has specific permissions only. Staff has dynamic dashboard so it has to follow the permissions allowed to staff by the Admin.
Customers can see sale orders, Invoices and contracts of his own. Customer role is created by Admin and Customer role is supervised by both Admin and Staff roles.
Admin will have access to all the modules in the template. Admin can create a new staff member or a new customer. Admin should give permission to staff and customer roles.

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