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February 19, 2021

TikTok, Dubsmash is a social media application that permits end users to shoot their recordings with the current moving or most loved sound bites and lip-sync. This interaction is made conceivable by the clone application’s in-build tools empowering them to utilize channels, alter, make, and upload their recordings in this application.

Customized features of our Dubsmash clone app:

News Feed:  it is based on the users’ preferences, their news feed will be continuously updated with the latest posts which are shared by their favorite profiles or channels.

Songs and Audio:  Using this feature, the users can select their favorite songs; they can act or lip-sync and upload them to their public profile. And the users can upload their track or audio clips into this TikTok clone.

Dubbing and video:  In this feature, the users can perform their favorite or own track as audio and video and upload it to their profile

Stickers:  The users can send their appreciation to their favorite videos using this feature with texts, emojis, etc.

Multi-Video Picture Sharing: This feature helps the users to gain more views and likes by sharing their favorite videos or dubbed audios to their favorite profile or friends.

Channel creation:  The users can start and manage their channel with unique content by using this feature and share their dubbed videos regularly.

Group Chat:  Our TikTok clone app Allows users to create groups with their favorite profiles to chat with each other and share their videos.

Media Attachment:  App users allows to attach their music clips or dubbed videos to their friends in groups or individually.

Report the user: Our Dubsmash clone allows users to report other suspicious users, profiles, videos. This feature helps users to keep the standard in check.

As a final note,

The app is developed with the core features to provide a first-class experience for users that helps establish the business in the market for a longer duration ensuring sustainability. Contact us right away to get your developed Tiktok Clone Script with our experts!

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