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laser cutting machine The laser beam

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This laser cutting machine is to focus the laser light emitted on the laser into a high-power density laser beam over the optical path system. The laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece to make the particular workpiece reach the burning point or boiling level, and the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam blows away the molten or vaporized metal.
As the relative position belonging to the beam and the workpiece goes, the material will eventually form a slit, so that you can achieve the purpose associated with cutting.
Laser cutting processing is always to replace the traditional mechanised knife with an invisible hug you. It has the features of high precision, fast cutting, not limited to help cutting patterns, automatic typesetting, protecting materials, smooth cuts, and also low processing costs. It will be gradually improved or succeeded. Traditional metal cutting process equipment. The mechanical portion of the laser cutter go has no contact while using workpiece, and it will not scratch the surface from the workpiece during work; your laser cutting speed is actually fast, the incision is usually smooth and flat, and generally isn't going to require subsequent processing; CNC lisenced users can process any plan view, which can be large in space The whole board will be cut without opening the actual mold, which is reasonable and time-saving.
During the cutting process of the laser cutting machine, the beam is focused by lens of the cutting head in to a small focal point, so that the focal point can reach a higher power density, and the cutting head is fixed within the z-axis. At this moment, the heat input from the beam far exceeds the a part of the heat reflected, conducted or diffused because of the material, and the material is quickly heated to the melting and vaporization temp. At the same time frame, a high-speed airflow will melt on the coaxial or non-coaxial area. And the vaporized substance is blown out to form holes for cutting the material. With the relative movement in the focus and the material, the hole forms a continuous slit which includes a very narrow width in order to complete the cutting of this material. 2021ld

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