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Artificial grass, or synthetic turf, is a synthetic coating that reproduces natural grass. It was originally used for sports fields to replace natural grass, but today can also be utilized in playgrounds, gardens, and landscaping public areas. The development of artificial grass The first artificial grass was utilized in the 1960s. The main reason behind the usage was maintenance; maintaining a pure grass pitch in a sports stadium can be extremely tough and expensive. Tall or coated stadiums restrict the amount of sun the bud can consume, which should stay healthy. Aside from that, the intense use of a natural grass pitch can damage it, and it takes time to recover. The quality of natural grass pitches can also be jeopardized by environmental influences such as rain, warmth, cold, heavy sunshine, creatures, insects and weeds. A waterlogged football pitch is, for instance, readily damaged when using it. The very first stadium in which artificial grass was installed was the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. The reason for this is that the natural grass pitch had escalated during the season. The grass and dirt were being painted green. This very first artificial grass manufacturer, patented in 1965, was originally called Chemgrass but was shortly rebranded to Astroturf in 1966 since its use in the Astrodome stadium heavily promoted it. The usage of the first creation of artificial turfs propagates through North America in stadiums and indoor athletics fields in the 1970s. It had been enhanced to the point it was utilized for field hockey in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada. 1 Over the years, new and improved kinds of artificial turf were initially developed, the so-called 2G, 3G and 4G

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