Kings and Bills: The King – A Billionaires Game in 2021

January 11, 2021

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King – A Billionaires Game in 2021.

Kings and Bills: The King – A Billionaires Game in 2021


Mr. Jackson starts out by showing how the game was created so that the one who has the most money at the end of the game wins. The winner is typically the person with the highest net worth. The King is based on the law of probability. Mr. Jackson believes that if there is something inherently bad or evil about the person playing the game, that person is going to want to hide it and the people around him will try to keep it from him. The King concept then states that the winner must come out on top by the terms of the game, which may mean winning the most money and becoming the most powerful entity on Earth.

king Result

The third chapter looks at how the King fits into the game. Mr. Jackson shows that the people have always been able to manipulate and control the political leaders of their world, but this ability has now been translated into an Internet business. This business offers a solution to the problem of scarcity and allows people to access the wealth of the entire world for the price of one game or program. As the King is the number one bidder in his position, he becomes the new King of Money and Power.

king Live

Authors Mark Walpert and Kevin Kelly have done an excellent job of conveying the scope and potential for this type of technology and business. There is a clear path for entrepreneurs to tap into the technology of the future, and the potential for enormous wealth and power is plenty enough reason for anyone to consider getting involved. Those with the ability to invest in this emerging field stand to make a huge return, simply by putting in a small start-up capital investment. The King – A Billionaires Game in 2021 is an entertaining and thought-provoking read, and those who invest will reap great rewards for themselves.
































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