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October 13, 2020

Social media apps are becoming part of our life. They keep us updated with the latest market trends. A new Indian social media app Famenest is now on-demand and people from all over the world are joining it every day. Here are some amazing features of famenest that can change your life.

As we all know that in this internet age, earning money online is very common. Today you can easily earn money by uploading your video to a site like Youtube and Facebook, but do you know of a site where you get money for every activity?

Friends, India’s own indigenous social site famenest is a site where you can create new friends, share your photos, videos, audio, and articles with others, chat online and create your page, group, and marketplace. And you can also create offers and events as well. Isn’t this a wonderful site?

You will be surprised to know that this site not only provides you a social media platform where you can increase your fan followers and reach your products and services to more and more people, but this site gives you tremendous options for online income. is. Let us now understand how you can earn money online from the social networking site Famenest.

Famenest primarily provides you with income in three ways.

  • Point system on activity: Whenever you do an activity at the famenest, you get 2 points as if you liked one of your photos, meaning 2 points added to your account, similarly for every activity you get 2 points like Share photos, videos, articles or like, comment or share videos of another user, etc. When your 1000 points are completed then you get 1 dollar.
  • Affiliate income: famenest provides you with an affiliate link that you can share with your friends and ask your friends to join famenest. Whenever someone connects with your affiliate through your affiliate link, you get one dollar for every 10 joinings.
  • Recurring Affiliate Programs: There is also a premium membership feature on famenest which is used by people who want to promote their videos or articles or do the brand building. For this, the famenest takes only a small monthly subscription membership fee without any heavy fees, and then for 30 days, you can avail the pro membership features. Whenever someone takes pro membership of the famenest through you, you get a commission of 30%.

This Indian social media app has many useful features that can change your life. Click here to join now.

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