Islamic Wazifa and Dua To Convince Someone

October 15, 2020

It’s rare to find someone who has the same mindset as you. Every individual is different. So, are their opinions & values. This is the root cause of every conflict. Because of which, you might be facing clashes with people in your life. And, whenever there is a conflict, there is no scope for healthy discussions. So, in such circumstances, reciting Islamic Wazifa and Dua To Convince Someone will be so useful for you.

This dua is so influential that it can change your life upside down. You may be having clashes with your loving wife or any close friend. However, do not worry about it so much. As you are at the right place right now, if you are reading this blog. Keep reading to know how this dua works & how to implement this Islamic Wazifa and Dua To Convince Someone in reality.

Most probably, the reason behind conflicts can be mismatch of vibes between two persons. You or the other person may not want to or be able to understand yourself. Sometimes, people make a quick opinion about you. Most of the time, it is negative. And, it takes years to get over that bad opinion of yourself.

Besides this, there can also be conflicts in your post-marriage life. Your thoughts & opinions may not be matching with your in-laws or husband. This can be creating a lot of chaos at home. This may also steal your home’s peace and calm environment. Many times, it just creates stressful situations between you and your life partner. Which ends up hurting you both miserably. But, stop worrying now. As practicing the Islamic Wazifa and Dua To Convince Someone will resolve all the clashes.

Islamic Wazifa and Dua To Convince Someone

A dua or wazifa is a prayer that you will pray to Allah Tallah. You are required to recite this dua or wazifa regularly. This is how you will get prompt & healthy results. Your life will change like a miracle.

So, how to perform Islamic Wazifa and Dua To Convince Someone?

Note that you have to recite this dua or wazifa consistently for at least 15 days.

  • First of all, make a strong commitment to yourself to follow this dua on regular terms.
  • Then you have to recite ‘dar adal illal la’ for 21 times.
  • Then, you will be needed to recite the name of Allah one hundred times.
  • Just make sure that you remember the name of the person you want to change the heart of and offer that name to Allah for his blessings.
  • Your conflicts & clashes will get resolved very soon.

If you have any problems or doubts regarding practicing Islamic Wazifa and Dua To Convince Someone, then you can talk to our Molvi Ji. He will help you to find solutions. You can contact him directly through WhatsApp. Otherwise, you can also send an email mentioning your queries or problems

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