Islamic Dua During Pregnancy For a Boy

October 15, 2020

Being pregnant is a fantastic life experience in a woman’s life. After all, you are giving birth to a new life in this world. Which is also an identity of you and your spouse. So, not able to get pregnant can be depressing for a lady. However, our special ‘Islamic Dua During Pregnancy For a Boy’ can prove fruitful to you.

Sometimes, there are situations when you have daughters. But you are wishing for a baby boy. And in spite of all the efforts, you are not able to conceive with a baby boy. So, to get over such situations as well, you can recite Islamic Dua During Pregnancy For a Boy.

Reciting these magical and powerful duas or wazifa will surely bring a positive change in your life. After all, having a baby in your womb is also a moment of happiness for your parents at home. It brings about positive energies at home.

Often, when you are not getting conceived, you feel stressed and burdened. Also, there is a series of bad & negative thoughts running over your mind. Which is quite common.

Nevertheless, you should also get yourself enough sleep and a nutritious diet on a daily basis. These are utmost important when you are giving birth to a newbie. Moreover, you should also suggest your husband recite this dua with you. It will keep a healthy life balance.

Islamic Dua During Pregnancy For a Boy

You may not believe at first in these islamic dua or wazifa. But they do have scientific evidence. They are our ancient scriptures that are designed to solve subtlest of human life problems. So, just have faith and affection towards Allah Tallah. Things will start working out in your favour soon once you start reciting.

So, how to perform this Islamic Dua During Pregnancy For a Boy?

  • First of everything, you should perform namaaz like every other day.
  • Start reciting the ‘dua during pregnancy for a boy’ on thursday.
  • Make a strong ablution.
  • To begin, sit in the posture of namaaz.
  • Place ground turmeric in front of your namaaz mat.
  • Now, take a verse from Surah & repeat the same for 8 times.
  • Then, recite as I quote, ‘Ya Ilaha Illalah’ for a total of 500 times.
  • Repeat the same surah for 5 times.
  • Stick with the same process for 1 month.

Consistency and faith in Allah Tallah is what you require while reciting these holy duas. With time, you will start seeing the positive results. If you face any difficulties or have any questions to ask, then you can have a good word with our Molvi ji. He will surely help you out to get solutions to your queries. You can email him or directly contact through WhatsApp.

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