iOS 10 Released With More Powerful And Convenient Features

December 3, 2019

Here comes Apple biggest hit and the most imminent launch ever, iOS 10. Well, we already took a sneak peek of how Apple has shaped its new operating system. In July of this year, we had got its preview by using iOS 10 beta version (that was launched at WWDC Apple event). All the features that you love have become more powerful… better. The final public version iOS 10 has been officially rolled out on 13th of September and hence will be available to everyone.

Apparently, iOS 10 has shipped in with n number of cool features which cannot be just scribbled down in a single write up. Yes! About iOS 10, there is a lot to say, here is a list of 10 of those much-awaited features—

1. Siri Support:

With iOS 10, Siri is opening up to the third party developers, meaning, through voice control, you can activate a few of the non-Apple functions and apps. For instance, you can, by using natural language, instruct Siri to book a cab for you in five minutes or send WhatsApp to your friend, etc… Therefore, a lot of your third-party apps like WhatsApp, Slack, Lyft, Uber, Pinterest, Shutterfly, etc. can get Siri support.
Siri is also getting launched on Mac, and this is one of the biggest changes Apple has brought.

2. The Revamped LockScreen: The emblematic- Slide to unlock feature has been removed with the arrival of iOS 10. The new Lock Screen will give a bright and crisp experience with new look i.e. an upgraded Control Center with a side panel of Widgets and redesigned incoming notifications. Unlike before, notification will not dim the wallpaper.

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