Introducing Intuitive ICO Dashboard Scripts from Blockchain Firm

January 27, 2021

ICOs have grown to become the new-age process of fundraising. Although ICOs offer global opportunities, easy accessibility, and fast-paced investments, they become quite tedious to keep track of. Thus organizations launching ICOs are in dire need of ICO Dashboard Scripts, each designed for a different purpose. This article lets us understand the variety of dashboard scripts available at the Blockchain Firm you can purchase and integrate into your ICO.

Types of Dashboard Scripts available at Blockchain Firm:

Blockchain Firm offers two types of dashboards,

Investor Dashboard:

An Investor Dashboard is tailor-made for investors to gain a comprehensive overview of the ICO’s status. Investor dashboards allow instant token purchases, a clear asset portfolio, access to tokenomics charts, and easy integration of cards/bank accounts.

These features are built-in to offer the most informative experience for the ICO investor. Reports on exchange rates, airdrop programs, and community building aid in the ICO’s investment opportunities. Investors can also access news and update feeds to stay up-to-date about the ICO’s affairs.

Admin Dashboard

While Investor Dashboard retains the most valuable features and functions in an ICO Dashboard, an Admin Dashboard possesses all of them. They are specifically designed for the overall management of the launched ICO. Admin users can access features such as funding plans, permission management, logging/monitoring, community forums, KYC processes, and timeline management.

The Admin Dashboard allows its user to customize and personalize their ICO operations completely. They offer insight into the working and management of any/all ICO dashboard modules provided to all members.

Benefits of Blockchain Firm ICO Dashboard Scripts:

  1. Easy and Simple Integration:
    To integrate into your ICO for immediate deployment.
  2. Packed with Features:
    A wide assortment of features built to aid your ICO Management.
  3. In-built Plugins:
    Expert developers compiled the best plugins and APIs, so you don’t have to.
  4. Optimized Source-Code:
    The simplicity of code for performance enhancement to avoid programming complexities.
  5. Intuitive User Interface:
    Creative layout to improve accessibility and user experience.
  6. Elegant Design:
    Best in the market design set up to offer an eye-catching dashboard.
  7. Multi-language Support:
    Offers a variety of different Dashboard languages for global support.
  8. 24/7 Customer Care:
    Constant online support for customer queries and dashboard maintenance.

To End

Blockchain Firm is a pioneer in blockchain innovations, offering multi-faceted blockchain solutions. With over multiple years of experience in the ICO Launch Services domains, they have worked with tech giants to build exceptional ICOs to support their fundraising initiatives. Thus their experience translates to developing ICO Dashboards of superior security and cutting edge accessibility. Purchase your ICO Dashboard Script here!

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