Internet commerce, is it a business for everyone?

May 17, 2019

Increasing opportunities resulting from access to the Internet and its dissemination cause more and more people to become interested in it as a source of income for themselves. You can earn money online in many different ways, often very distant from each other, and one of the ways is trade.

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Internet commerce is as common as traditional shopping, both by consumers and sellers. Every self-respecting company has a website where you can directly purchase its goods or services or contact a supplier or representative.

On the other hand, consumers are becoming more and more comfortable and more things, including shopping without leaving home and queues, but with direct delivery.

Such a change of the whole situation on the market causes that the trade on the Internet may turn out to be a real gold mine, for everyone who will be able to use its possibilities and opportunities which it opens for practically everyone. However, before we take up the activity in this field, it is worth to get acquainted with it a little bit closer.

So what is online trading itself?

After all, there is no direct exchange of goods or services and fees. It is a trade in which a contract is concluded via the Internet, a transaction is closed and the terms and conditions of the transaction and the fee are set in advance. It can take place between residents of the same country or different countries. The most common form of closing such sales is virtual shops. They present their goods, together with a technical description and specify the conditions of their finalisation on the part of both the seller and the buyer.

The buyer deciding on the purchase accepts the terms and conditions set by the seller and agrees to them. The payment for the purchase is a confirmation of consent. There are very different types of e-commerce and they are also worth looking at before you start your own business. One of these is direct trading. Its specificity is that the whole transaction is web-based. Payment and delivery of goods or services is made via the Internet.

This can be for example the trade in various types of electronic goods or services, such as e-books, software or access to websites. Indirect trade is the supply of a good or service in the traditional way to a customer, but payment is made via the network. Hybrid trade combines these two types of trade. It can combine them in a variety of ways.

Trade, which in the commercial language is referred to as B2B, is the search for partners, recipients, building a commercial network via the Internet. It takes place between companies.
B2C is a trade in which one party is a company and the other is a consumer.
C2B is exactly the opposite. The trading party is the consumer, the recipient is the company.
C2C is a trade between two consumers.

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