Interesting facts about Delta Airlines

January 14, 2020

Delta Airlines has been quite popular for some time now. They are considered one of the best airlines to operate. Even passengers who fly it regularly say positive things about Delta flights.


So, today we are presenting you with some unknown facts about Delta so that you can increase your knowledge about this company. Next time, when you are flying through the Delta, you may surprise the employees by telling them the facts about your company. If you want to know more, you can always visit the Delta Airlines Official Site.

However, it is a non-profit organization, which relies on donations and volunteers. In 2014 the museum was open to the public. Earlier, to access it, you needed a Delta ID card. There are two hangars, Hangar 1 and 2, where older aircraft are displayed. One of the planes that have come out in Delta Ship 41 is A Huff-Deland Duster biplane Copy to show Delta history.

Delta Airlines Official Site | Visit Here and Search Your Delta Flights

Delta Airlines Official Site


Delta studio


Delta Studio is a streaming service provided by Delta Airlines. Since flight hours can be long and sometimes dull. Delta launched the Delta Studio service in 2014. Delta Studio offers three types of services. They are movies, music, and TV shows. Don’t think that Delta only offers old movies and TV shows. Delta states, they regularly update their list of movies and TV shows. In some cases, you can also find the latest release.


Some of the latest movies available at Delta Studios are Us, Hellbox and Elite fight fairy. Some of the TV shows on this include The Titans Game, Modern Family, Silicon Valley, and Victor and Valentino. There are over 300 movies, live satellite TV and 2500 songs in total. To access the studio, there are two options; you can either see the seat-back screen or on your laptop.


Free messaging


Delta Airlines offers free messaging services on flights where Wi-Fi service is available. You can use Facebook, WhatsApp and message to connect. Services are free of charge. You must install the Delta Airline app to enable them to use it.


So, these are interesting facts to know about Delta Airlines. We are sure; when you next fly Delta, you will enjoy your time with Delta Airlines. To learn more, visit the Delta Airlines Official Site.


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