Integrating Chromecast in React Native Applications!

October 14, 2020

When it comes to entertainment, the new-age customers are drawn the most towards streaming the latest on-demand shows or videos from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

So, if you want to architect a modern-day application that can play high-definition audio/video content using the internet, embedding Chromecast is one of the best experiences. It is widely used. In the US alone, around 36 million people use it. It is also used extensively in numerous React Native app development services since Chromecast supports React Native apps quite well.

So, in this article, we have outlined significant points to be considered for including Chromecast in a React Native app.

Including Chromecast in React Native Apps

Using the React Native Library

The React Native developers should use react-native-google-cast, which is a React Native library that allows easy integration of Chromecast with streaming features into your app. It comes with several UI components like:

Casting button: It comes with a casting button that will be only rendered and displayed in case the Chromecast device is available on the network of the user’s phone. When this button is pressed, a list of available devices is shown and then, the connection becomes ready to send the content to different selected devices.

Introductory Overlay: An introductory Overlay is available for new users who are using a Chromecast for the first time. This Overlay is useful for highlighting the Cast button and it is used or shown only once when the React Native application is opened for the first time to connect to the Chromecast device.

Expanded Media Control: The react-native-google-cast library also has the capability to provide expanded media control to control the streaming of content properly. This expanded media control comes with a full-screen panel with essential control buttons for management of content streaming.

Events that React-native-google-cast Library Supports

The react-native-google-cast library emits various events to inform the react native developers about the current state. These events play an important role in React Native app development while integrating Chromecast. They are:

  1. Session events: These events refer to connection events between the React Native apps and the Chromecast device. It includes events like connection established, trying to reconnect, connection failed, reconnected, etc.
  2. Casting/media events: Media events or casting events are related to reproduction-type events. Here one can find and cache states like media started, media ended, etc.
  3. Channel events: These events are related to exchanging messages between the react native application and the Chromecast device. This enables multiple Chromecast devices to subscribe to the same reception channel and thus the connection becomes multipoint.

Concluding Words:

Google Chromecast is a futuristic investment in your React Native application as it enables the users to explore a variety of top-quality options in today’s era of on-demand audio/video streaming services.

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