Instructions to Make a Comment on Facebook Without Being a Friend

January 14, 2021

Facebook is tied in with connecting and interfacing with individuals, regardless of whether it’s through Facebook games, Timeline remarks or status posts. Since your companions can be engaged with the updates and photographs of somebody with whom you’re not associated, it’s just common that you’d need to remark on the action of individuals who aren’t companions now and again. Regardless of whether you can do so relies upon the individual who posted the substance. You can contact facebook customer service for any issue you face while running facebook.


In the event that you’ve been labeled in a nonfriend’s action, regardless of whether it’s a photograph or a notice, you ought to have the option to remark on it. The remark box will be shown straightforwardly underneath the update. Type in your remark and press “Enter” to post it. When the remark has been entered, you can erase it at your relaxation. While you’ll have the option to remark on most movement you can find in your channel, in some cases a bit of substance having a place with a non-companion that a companion has enjoyed or remarked on will be presented on the News Feed and you won’t be given the remark choice. 


In the event that the individual you need to remark to has a public post, you can leave a remark. Public presents are open on everybody on the Internet and remarks can be left by anybody with a Facebook account. In the event that the remark box shows up under the substance the individual posted, you can type your remark, press “Enter” and see it transferred to the individual’s Timeline. 

Different Options 

Tragically, except if you’re labeled in a movement or the action is public, you can’t remark on nonfriends’ data. It’s a single direction that Facebook empowers clients to ensure individual data and decide with whom they share posts. You generally have the choice of sending the individual a message on Facebook. You can likewise search for the “Offer” choice to distribute the substance to your own Timeline. Prior to posting, you have the alternative to add a remark at the highest point of the post you make. On the off chance that the individual posting content has a “Follow” alternative, consider following the individual instead of friending them. A few clients permit devotees to remark. 

Mentioning a Tag 

In the event that you need to remark on something yet weren’t labeled, request that a common companion leave a remark labeling you. Whenever you’ve been labeled – relying upon the first client’s security settings – you can leave the remark you need to make. Without being labeled on a nonfriend’s status, in any case, you can’t leave a message and the security settings might be set so that even labeled clients can’t leave remarks.

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