Installation Of 100w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight

February 14, 2020

100w outdoor slim led floodlight installation:

(1) Fixing the components of each part: the sun plate is fixed on the sun plate bracket, the lamp cap is fixed on the pick arm, then the bracket and the pick arm are fixed to the main rod, and the connecting wire is led to the control box (battery box).

⒇ Before lifting the light pole, check whether the fasteners in each part are firm, whether the lamp holder is installed properly, and whether the light source works normally.  Then, whether the simple debugging system works normally or not;  Release the connecting wire of the solar panel on the controller, and the light source will work.

  1. When lifting the main light pole, pay attention to safety precautions;  The screws are well tightened. If the component has a deviation in the sunrise angle, it is necessary to adjust its sunrise direction towards the south.
  2. Put the storage battery into the battery box and connect the connecting wire to the controller according to the technical requirements.  Connect the battery first, then the load, then the solar panel.  During wiring operation, attention must be paid to the fact that all wiring and the wiring terminals marked on the controller cannot be connected incorrectly, and the positive and negative polarities cannot collide or be connected reversely.  Otherwise, the controller will be damaged.

⒌ Whether the Led Street Light Factory debugging system works normally;  Loosen the connecting wire of the solar panel on the controller and the light will come on.  Connect the solar panel connection line and turn off the lights.  At the same time, carefully observe the changes of the indicator lights on the controller.  Only when everything is normal can the control box be sealed.

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