Industrial Dehumidifier. Commercial dehumidifier. Warehouse dehumidifier. Industrial Dehumidification.

March 7, 2021

We offer complete range of Industrial Dehumidifier or De-humidifier, commercial dehumidifier, Marine Dehumidifier, Desiccant dehumidifier, heavy duty dehumidifier, warehouse dehumidifier, cold room dehumidifier  & Swimming pool Dehumidifier or De-humidifier in Dubai, UAE and Middle East Countries. We are dehumidifier supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Oman, Doha Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & UAE. Industrial Dehumidifier has following features:


  1. Dehumidification: 20, 30, 55, 78 & 100 L/day at ambient condition 30 degrees Celsius, 80% RH.
  2. Axial fan with aluminum fan wheel (with winding protection).
  3. Fully hermetically sealed rotary compressor, protected against overloading, vibration-insulated.
  4. Automatic hot-gas defrosting, controlled by Dry-Logic.
  5. Condensation principle (Heat-pump technology with energy recovery.)
  6. Compressor type: Rotary. Ctrltech, De’longhi, Novita, Bry-air, Ebac, fral, Frigidaire dehumidifier, aerial, Westinghouse,  calorex, Elu-klima, LG, General Electrical, GE dehumidifier etc.
  7. Coolant: R-407c CFC-Free.
  8. Low Noise level.
  9. Operating Temp.: 5 ºC to 35 ºC.
  10. In-Built Water Tank or facility for continuous drainage.
  11. Power Supply: 230V, 50Hz.

Industrial Dehumidifier. CD-85L Industrial dehumidifier in UAE and Saudi Arabia FSD warehouse dehumidifier

Industrial dehumidifier shop in UAE

Industrial dehumidifier shop in UAE

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