Independent Software Testing & Agile Teams

May 20, 2020

Nowadays, the majority of agile teams perform software testing by themselves. This is because modern organizations struggle to have cross-functional teams that have the capacity and accountability to perform all activities from the beginning to the delivery of software products. Organizations that are new to Agile or are still in the shift-process need testers on agile teams to help them collaborate with the rest of the project stakeholders. This entire approach to software development where QA teams are using agile solutions to test for quality but it is not enough in a few situations. Thus, organizations may have to hire an independent software testing company to deploy a continuous deployment (CD) strategy. 

The main effort of independent testing is to identify the defects that may have been left out during the previous testing efforts. Independent testers do not need a detailed requirement but they need only a few updated release notes including a list of changes the development team updated the last time they sent a build. Instead of focusing on these specifications, the independent testers ensure that they focus on the following:

More reasons to why you need independent testing:

Regulatory Compliance – Agile teams realize that they in strict regulatory compliance situations, typical in a critical environment, and may need to perform independent testing according to the law. 

Production Readiness – Development teams may not have the required resources to perform effective production readiness testing, thus resources from an independent software testing company can do the needful. 

Agile teams find it difficult to adopt new testing techniques in the beginning but you can evaluate if your independent testing efforts provide value, compare the impact of defects on the user stories with the cost of performing independent testing. Thus, the entire team may be focused on achieving faster release cycles and quality software products.

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