In-depth Details Of Vape Pods For First Time Users

November 13, 2020

Vape pods are not dry herbs. They are used along with more advanced vape pod systems. They can be best described as the integration of mod and e-cigs. These are a better choice as compared to vape pens, which are the first picks for any beginner.

Pods are more fancy options as compared to pens. They are portable and powerful. You can search for more details on

Juul Pods UK options online. They offer the best collection of genuine vape pod systems. The difference here is that pods lack the tank or atomizer.

Pods to hold liquids

Unlike vape pens, pod systems do not have tanks to hold the e-liquid. They have well-developed pods. The e-liquid is filled inside the pod. You can purchase the pod refills from any online vape store. You have the choice to select a regular nicotine product or a nicotine-free product.

In most cases, vape pod systems do not come with prefills. A normal-sized vape pod will hold around 2 ml of e-liquid in a single fill. If the liquid is used up you can refill the liquid back again.

Open system vape pods

These are the type of devices that will allow users to refill e-liquid manually inside the pod. The device is a better option as the draw in each case is smooth and long-lasting. These types also produce excess vapor quality.

Closed system vape pods

These are different types of devices and resembles a cartomizer. The cartridge is in the form of a prefilled device and has to be loaded inside the vape device. So here you are not refilling the e-liquid inside the pod, but you replacing an entire cartridge.

The process is simple but the quality of vapor produced might vary. These types may also need some level of maintenance when being used.

Nicotine salts

Quality pods in the market are available in the form of nicotine salts. They are not nicotine-free products but contain added salt flavors mixed with nicotine percentage. Your selection of nicotine percentage may vary depending on your choice.

For both old and new vapers, these are a better choice as compared to e-juice r dry herb extracts. They are easy to use and will offer a better quality of taste.

Easy usability

The main advantage of pod systems is that they are easy to use. You may not need to undergo any special training before using them. They also resemble vape pens and so is easy to refill the e-liquid or cartridge.


Being smaller in size these are portable devices. You can carry them with you when traveling. The entire vape pod system is lightweight. You can select them in different sizes and capacities.

Vape pod systems are the ideal choice for anyone who is not used to vape within a social group. In general, pods are always considered as starter kits.

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