Improvement of Immunity – Simple Steps Towards A Healthier and Stronger Body (Part 1)

May 20, 2020

HepaBoost Review This requires a governmental body, such as the FDA, to establish and impose valid, evidence-based certification procedures. Immunity-based licenses can only be introduced if serology testing is accurate. In addition, depending on rigorous evidence regarding the duration of immunity, periodic testing and renewal of immunity licenses at designated intervals based on specific criteria may be necessary, similar to the renewal process for driver’s licenses.

It is less clear what those antibody tests mean for real life, however, because immunity functions on a continuum. With some pathogens, such as the varicella-zoster virus which causes chicken pox, infection confers near-universal, long-lasting resistance. Natural infection with Clostridium tetani, the bacterium that causes tetanus, on the other hand, offers no protection—and even people getting vaccinated for it require regular booster shots. On the extreme end of this spectrum, individuals infected with HIV often have large amounts of antibodies that do nothing to prevent or clear the disease.

As per reports, the UK government has also bought over 3.5 million finger-prick antibody tests that can be conducted at home. These antibody tests work by drawing blood from a finger and using the sample to determine if one has coronavirus antibodies. Antibodies remain in the body for some time after the infection and hence are detectable by tests such as an antibody test. If the result is positive, it means the person has had coronavirus and therefore, may be immune to it as a result.

Even if the antibodies stick around in the body, however, it is not yet certain that they will prevent future infection. What we want, Bowdish says, are neutralizing antibodies. These are the proteins that reduce and prevent infection by binding to the part of a virus that connects to and “unlocks” host cells.

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