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September 15, 2020

Home Decor Items Online Shopping India | Impression Collection – AKKAARA India

There are some stories that last forever, etched in stone, engraved in memory, they make us who we are and we always look back on them for inspiration. India is a land of a thousand gods and in the state of Karnataka, the stories are multitudinous, stories told not in words but in stone. Impressions is a collection that takes you back to the stone age of India, tales from Indian mythology carved into forms revive the traditional lores, retelling them over and over again for eternity. Like the indelible carvings on stone, the pieces in this collection are sure to leave a lasting impression…
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Impression Collection Products are below listed

-Ash Tray & Stacker
-Engraved Planter
-Fish Form Tea light
-Floral Bloom Table Cloc
-Granite Candle Stand
-Nabula Stone Light
-Regal Candle Stand
-Sculpted Pendant Lamp
-Serpentine Vase
-Stone Engraved Plate
-Stone Sculpture Lamp
-Stone Trinklet Wind Chime
-Stone Wall Lamp


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