Impeccable Patient Care by Ambulance Service in Patna

January 16, 2021

We provide best in class ICU Ambulance Services in Patna. For many significant reasons, people choose our Ambulances in Patna. We, over here, have been working constantly to reduce the cost of Ambulance from Patna, Delhi, and Mumbai as well as other prime destinations too. Our ambulance charges are the lowest when compared to other operators in the industry.

Why is our Road Ambulance in Patna the best?


Even at affordable prices, we have made every possible effort to facilitate and equip our every Ambulance Service in Patna with state of the art Intensive Care Unit. From ventilator to a respirator, defibrillator, oxygen supply, Infusion pump, Suction machines, and portable power supply, etc are made available at every ICU Ambulance in Patna. Besides this equipment, we also have a rich human resource of specialized Doctors, technicians, paramedics, and other professionals. All the team works in Synergy to render high-class commercial patient transfer services in Patna efficiently and promptly. Transparency is yet another key factor of our low-Cost Road Ambulance Services from Patna. There is no extra or hidden cost associated at any stage of the patient dispatch. We allow one or two members of the patient’s family to board our shifting ambulance at no extra charge.


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