If you love boxing, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about how to choose your next workout buddy

January 25, 2021

If you love boxing, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about how to choose your next workout buddy. Maybe you’ve settled on an instructor, or you’ve settled on a certain brand of boxing gloves. However, you may be wondering how to choose a style of boxing that best suits you. You may be wondering whether kick boxing gloves will be more effective for you. If you have a partner who likes to kick boxing, or if you just want to start training in a kick boxing class, then these tips will help you choose between kick boxing and Muay Thai.

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Kick boxing and Muay Thai have two types of similar martial arts fighting sports but not exactly interchangeable. In reality, there are several different characteristics that separate both types of fight. Kick boxing, being primarily a sports activity, uses heavy, durable gloves and is usually performed by skilled, conditioned boxers. When a boxer begins to feel his muscles getting sore, he can loosen up his hands and begin punching. Most boxers who do exercise in a regular gym routine will be able to adjust the amount of punches they can take before their hands hurt too badly.

Unlike kick boxing, in Muay Thai a fighter’s elbows and knees are completely different and are used solely to deliver the maximum force and power into a strike. Muay Thai fighters do not wear any protective gear at all, and when they do enter the ring, they are expected to “spar” (punch extremely hard) their opponents with their elbows, and “khapur” (covering their head with their hands) with their knees. The strikes in muay Thai resemble quite a lot of the strikes you would use in a street fight, but due to the extensive protective padding and the fact that the head is almost entirely protected by the headband, it is considerably less likely to leave you seriously wounded.

Another difference is the striking mechanics. While both martial arts employ a similar form of joint locking and throwing, their methods of delivery are very different. In kickboxing, you will get your legs high above your opponents, while in muay Thai you will frequently break your opponent’s legs with a single blow. The knees in kickboxing are designed to hook and pivot in order to lead with the strongest foot strike, while the elbows in muay Thai are designed for a straight, counterstriking blow to the ribs or face.



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