I Am Simply Love! The Dawn of the Age of Consciousness As Communicated by A.E. Waite

May 20, 2020

Another person stated that the informationManifestation Wizard Reviewcould come from my Higher Power OR Greater Self. This theory is also a real possibility, since our Higher Powers are collective beings comprised of our past lives. I have spoken about this in other articles on collective entities. The question is whether or not Arthur has been assimilated into my Greater Self. I have my doubts about this.

I have been told by more than seven different mediums that Arthur is present in my environment as a spirit. A few of these medium are widely respected for their ability to communicate with other-worldly intelligences. I am speaking primarily of human spirits of course. I know for myself that Arthur has communicated with me in many ways. Sometimes past lives have their own agenda for you and this why they appear in your life.

On one occasion, a medium relayed me that Arthur was telling her that he was a teacher (not an academic teacher) and that he would lecture from a book. I understood what that meant, so I purchased his book, “The Fellowship of the Rosy Cross,” which, as I understand it, is a kind of manual for his Rosicrucian Order. I received an intuitive message that he wanted to revive the organization in America. I had trouble comprehending his book, so I said no to him. When I returned to the church, the same medium told me that Arthur said a couple of people have told him that they could not read his book. Keep in mind that the medium did not know what this conversation was about. I’m sure there are many people who do get Arthur’s writing style. I think it’s just a matter of exposing yourself to it. In any case, this is an example of how your past life may have ideas that do not necessarily agree with the course you have decided to take in your spiritual journey. After all, life is a spiritual journey that we must make ourselves. It is our life to experience. Not someone else’s. That does not mean that we will not receive the support of others along the way.

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