Human Microbiome-based Products Market is projected to be worth USD 4 Billion by 2030

January 13, 2021

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Human Microbiome Market, 2019-2030” report to its list of offerings.


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Key Market Insights

  • Presently, 260 drug candidates are being evaluated in clinical / preclinical stages for the treatment of a wide variety of disease indications; the US has emerged as the major hub for microbiome-based research
  • The pipeline features both prebiotic and probiotic drugs, being evaluated across different stages of development; majority of these products are designed for administration via non-invasive routes, such as oral and topical
  • Microbiome therapeutics have demonstrated the potential to target a range of therapeutic areas; digestive and GI disorders, oncology, infectious diseases, and metabolic disorders are amongst the prime focus areas
  • Over 10 microbiome-focused disease diagnosis tests are already available in the market; several companies claim to have initiatives in this domain based on different sample types and therapeutic areas
  • Presently, FMTs are the only commercially available microbiome products for the treatment of recurrent CDIs; in fact, several trials evaluating FMTs, sponsored by non-industry players, have been registered in the past decade
  • Over time, well funded start-ups have initiated product development programs, having invested significant time and effort to explore the applicability of microbiome therapeutics across various indications
  • Several big pharmaceutical players have partnered with smaller and dedicated microbiome-based therapy / diagnostic developers in order to expand their respective capabilities in this upcoming field of pharmacology
  • Contract service providers have become an integral part of microbiome supply chain owing to their technical expertise and ability to overcome existing challenges related to both R&D and production
  • Prevalent trends indicate that microbiome drugs and diagnostics market is poised to grow significantly; the forecasted opportunity is anticipated to be distributed across different target indications and regions
  • Microbiome therapeutic developers are expected to witness significant momentum, in terms of revenues generation, as multiple late stage molecules for the treatment of different clinical conditions get commercialized

Table of Contents


1.1.       Scope of the Report

1.2.       Research Methodology

1.3.       Chapter Outlines





3.1.       Chapter Overview

3.2.       Concept of Microbiota and Microbiome

3.2.1.    Discovery of the Human Microbiome

3.2.2.    Functions of the Human Microbiome


3.3.       Overview of Gut Flora

3.3.1.    Role of Gut Flora in Healthy Individuals

3.3.2.    Factors Affecting Gut Flora Antibiotic Consumption Age and Pregnancy Mode of Childbirth Type of Feeding Antibiotic Consumption by Mother Stress-related Factors Dietary Factors Impact of Lifestyle

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