HP Printer Won’t Print – How to Fix it?

July 2, 2020

HP users often seem to complain that their “HP Printers are not printing”: the error can take place due to a variety of causes. The cause can differ for every case but the problem remains constant thus a number of methods are available to fix this issue. Once the reason is found, the user can pick the right troubleshooting method from the options. From the connectivity, faulty configuration, drivers problem, there could be many other reasons. So let’s  start with the troubleshooting part:

  1. Start with basic troubleshooting: You need to first check all the cable connections. Check where the cable connection is not working and fix it to restore the functioning of your device. Also, reset your printer by unplugging the power cord while the printer is on.
  2. Update or reinstall the drivers: If required, you can uninstall the currently installed drivers and get the new one from the official HP website. This will also fix the “HP printer driver is unavailable” issue. 
  3. Fix the paper jam issues in the HP printer
  4. Re-configure the HP printer setup as the setup problems and also keep your printer from printing in a proper manner. 
  5. Also, make sure the HP printer you want to use is “Set as default” to continue the printing.

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